Gender: Male
Race: Half Elf
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone: Copper
Appearance: Well Dressed


Dreynith, twin brother of Erivos, was born and raised in the Yuirwood, a sight of ancient ruins of unknown power and origin at the very center of the nation of Aglarond. Raising two boys in a predominant society of elves, humans, and a mix between the two was quite normal in these parts. Elven father Zoviel, and human mother Elina, did what all loving parents do by teaching them love, respect, and a hard work eithc which were important to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Most adult citizens of the Yuirwood could farm the land, but they also had a particular skill of their own that helped the nation of Aglarond prosper. Dreynith’s father was a skilled carpenter by trade and his mother a well sought after seamstress. One day while the twins were out in the deeper woods playing with some children of the Yuirwood, an orc raiding party atachked the Yuirwood most unexpectedly. The adults were conducting business as usual when the attack occurred. The people of Yuirwood managed to fight off the orcs and defend their land, though Dreyniths mother Elina was killed in the process.

Dreyniths father had the daunting task of continuing to raise the boys all by himself. Not knowing what else he could do for the boys, he immediately started teaching them all he knew about carpentry so that one day they might make something of themselves. Erivos took to carpentry like a fish to water, but Dreynith had a difficult time learning the skill and never really enjoyed it.

As Dreynith grew older he became more and more frustrated with himself by never achieving the same level of expertise as Erivos had with carpentry. Dreynith started bouncing from town to town doing odd jobs where he could to make money. He became well known in the neighboring towns while working in them. Dreynith made many new friends while doing so.

In the evenings after finishing his work for the day, Dreynith could be found with his friends at the local inn, drinking and gambling the night away. One such evening, when on a bender with a group of these friends he suffered a big loss while gambling in a game of cards. This debt he could not pay however. His friends became angry at this and they proceeded to subdue Dreynith. While they held him down, they cut off the little finger on his left hand. Dreynith was told that if he didn’t come up with the money that he owed them within twenty four hours, his head would be next.

That evening on his way home, Dreynith nursed his wound as he walked alone. From the shadows a well dressed humanoid creature approached him claiming to be an agent of the great Prince Levistus. He told Dreynith, “all your troubles can be taken away and power unimaginable given to you, if you perform but a few simple tasks for the prince in return.” “Look at where your life has taken you. You are maimed, broke, drunk and sure to be dead on the morrow. Take a step in the right direction for once in your life, instead of always being a failure at everything. Not a hard choice to make if you ask me. Which will it be, life or death?”

As he listened, Dreynith started to accept what the creature was saying to be true. Angry with himself and what the people he thought were his friends had done to him, he accepted the agents offer, determined to make the ones that had wronged him and his family pay with their lives.


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