Software: Fantasy Grounds and Skype (Links Below)
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Setting: Forgotten Realms
Starting Point: The Sword Coast
Beginning Level: 1
Restrictions: No evil alignments except neutral evil allowed.

Software Downloads
Fantasy Grounds II Virtual Table Top (Download from the “All Licenses” link)


For The Players
Players must create first level characters in accordance with the player’s handbook. Once created a copy must be sent to so I can approve the character.

Characters should have a fleshed out background. Once your character has been approved you can enter the character on the Characters link to the left hand side of this page. Only provide information that would be generally known about you. Obsidian Portal provides “GM Only” sections on everything that only the GM can see. I will enter information that your character wouldn’t give out about themselves in that section so only the player and myself know.

If your character tries things that would most likely get them killed, I will have no mercy. The roll of the dice will determine your fate. While this is an RPG and meant to be fun, I feel that part of the fun of the game is the fact that actions have consequences. If you charge head long alone against a red dragon, expect your character to die. I look to tow a fine line between fantasy and reality. Jumping from a 100 foot cliff would most likely kill you in real life. It will most likely kill you in this game as well. Be brave, have fun, but don’t be stupid.


Elemental Evil

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